10 Tips to Avoid Nail Breakage

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10 Tips to Avoid Nail Breakage

We all know the pain and frustration of your Nails always breaking and chipping off as soon as you get the perfect manicure. I mean, sure… Accidents happen, but life would be so much better if we could avoid these horrific incidents from happening. 

We’re all aware that Beautiful nails don’t magically appear on your fingers, it can be a rewarding but tedious process to get your dream set of nails so now, I’m going to show you how to preserve it.

Tips to prevent Nail breakage

Here are 10 tips you should try to avoid nail breakage.

1- Keep the Nails and Hands Clean

Beautiful hands are not possible without beautiful nails, Let’s always keep your nails and hands clean. Wash your hands gently with hand soap and use a nail brush to scrub your nails thoroughly all the way on top, along the sides, and under the nails to remove the hidden dirt.

2- Moisturize your Hands and Nails

Make a habit of moisturizing your hands and nails after every wash. A good quality moisturizer will work wonders and is well worth the money, trust me. Ensure to apply moisturizer thoroughly on your nails and hands as you're rubbing your hands together.

3- Wear Gloves

Excessive dishwashing can damage your nails and will make them all dry and brittle. Always wear a rubber pair of gloves while cleaning and doing house chores. Some chemicals that can be found in soap and dish soap are seriously damaging your nails and hands. Ideally, you should wear latex gloves with cotton lining to protect your nails and hands while you're cleaning your kitchen or scrubbing your bathroom.

4- Polish Your Nails

Applying nail polish protects your nails from moisture loss and keeps them hydrated. Even if you're applying a clear base coat, it will drastically help retain moisture. Normally the proper way of polishing is to apply a base coat followed by one or two coats of your choice and finally a topcoat.

Nails are made of keratin so they don't need to breathe and they don't require oxygen to breathe the way your skin does.

5- Avoid excessive use of nail polish remover

Nail polish remover may often use strong solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, and alcohol in their preparation. Hence, they are all harmful to your nails.

Conditioning nail enamels are available but aren't very effective.

I do not encourage the use of nail polish remover more often that 1-2 times a week.

6- File your nails correctly

Always file your nails in one direction, Filing them back and forth will cause them to split.

7- Do not cut your cuticles

Do not cut or remove your cuticles as this may cause inflammation and infection. Always push them back gently. Wooden cuticle sticks are gentler than steel. Remove the dead cuticle by moving the stick in a circular motion around the base of your nail.

8- Do not bite at your nails

Yes, it’s true! Easier said than done but Biting your nails is one bad habit that has to go as it can lead to choppy nails, infection, bleeding, and pain.

9- Do not use them as a tool

Nails are nails, they are not tools even though most of us are guilty for using them as such. We use our nails as tools frequently to open cans, remove stickers or even scratch up dirt. We use them as screwdrivers, scissors, thumbtacks remover without giving it a second thought. Use the appropriate tools next time, you’ll be glad you did.

10- Wear warm gloves during cold weather

Your nails are made up of layers. During cold weather, the air dries out the nails making them so brittle that even a small impact like typing on your keyboard is enough to cause them to break.

So always use warm gloves in winter to give them protection against cold weather.

Bottom line

Treat your nails with respect and they’ll give you the shine you deserve! Beautiful hair makes you feel like a princess, but beautiful nails are really the crowning glories.

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